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25 March 2012: What's Mine is Yours?

My bill at the urologist has been fully paid off, now.

I received a phone call from my father, during which he tried to, in jest, make light of the situation by saying to me, "Congratulations!  Your genitals are finally yours now!"

I know he meant this in jest in regards to not having a bill hovering over one of my body parts, but I wonder if he even realized the cruel irony that came out of his mouth.

Why is it that my body or any part of my body should be my property only by right of purchase?

Why is it that my genitals were never considered to be "mine" from day one in the first place?  Hell, if that were the case, this entire mess could have been avoided.

I've had enough of trying to explain these feelings to him, so I simply swallowed them and moved on with the conversation.

I know a fruitless argument when I see one.

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