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7 February 2012: Bill in the Mail

I got word of what my estimated out-of-pocket cost will be for my surgical misadventures.

I would be poetic and say that at birth they already had spent too much money to cut things from my genitals, but seeing this new number, I can say succinctly that I the concept of others taking knives to me and demanding payment afterwards tires me.

Oh well.  At the very least I can sleep better at night without waking to erection pain.  I suppose that this much is worth that number on the invoice.


  1. Have your parents pay it. Afterall, they were the ones that chose to screw things up for you in the first place... why should you suffer for it and then have to pay to correct their mistake? Best wishes for you. I am very empathetic to your experiences as my husband is going through a very similar journey.

  2. I echo the thoughts of the above commenter. Also I would contact the doctor who did this if that's possible.

    You will most certainly feel relief when this is taken care of an you can be pain free.

    My very best thoughts are with you.

  3. I'm curious to know about that bill. What did your surgery cost?

    Half of my penis is wrapped in a skin bridge. It rarely hurts, but my sexual pleasure is so diminished by it, blowjobs do absolutely nothing for me. Plus, it's freaking freaky. I need this fixed surgically. I'm as prepared as I'll ever be emotionally and psychologically, but what damage can I expect financially? I don't know.

    If I knew your total bill, I could take that number and multiply it by about 5 or 6 (since my skin bridge is about 5 or 6 times bigger than yours and will probably need at least 16 stitches) and come to an estimate for surgery in my case. This will give me a goal, and I'd really appreciate it.

    1. Before insurance, about $4,200 dollars. After insurance, about $800 dollars (this all depends on your plan, deductible, the doctor, how they perform surgery, ect.). This does not include the first consultation (which was free for me at the University Health Center), which may cost you more money out of your pocket, and any additional fees you may accrue with having follow-up appointments.

      If you want any more info on this, or perhaps some grains of salt I learned about what to expect and advice I might give (for example, avoid electrocautery because while it stops bleeding, the scarring from it can be bad later), drop me a PM in the comment box to the right, leave your email address, any more questions, and I'll contact you.