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Before the Appointment: Photos

I suppose that I should have a few before and after pictures.

Here are some pictures from before the appointment, with explanations in anatomically correct terminology.

In the above photo is visible the scar tissue formation I mentioned earlier, the "skin bridge."  It originates at the circumcision scar to the corona of my glans over the sulcus, and is very tight and painful when my penis becomes erect.  

There is a darker blemish on the left side of my penis just distal to the circumcision scar.  That small dark dot is a scar from when another "skin bridge" ripped apart from about 1/2 the way up my glans, and bled and hurt badly.  This happened when I was 8.  I never told anyone about that until now.  The blemish on the glans is barely visible on the left side.  

There are non-bridging adhesions in the center of my sulcus--two small, cosmetic blemishes where the skin adhered confluent to the sulcus as sequelae to my circumcision.  These are sensitive to the touch and get sore very easily.


Like its name implies, things may pass under this unusual bridge.  I have awoken to the skin bridge becoming pulled so tightly that it cracks and bleeds, before.


Visible here is a chunk missing from the inner mucosa under the corona of the glans, just to the left of the penile frenulum.  Also present are unusual raised, painless, pink bumps on either side of the frenulum.  They are likely hirsuties coronae glandis, aka "pearly penile papules," a harmless anatomical variation in penile appearance and form.

Visible on the underside of the shaft is the skin-tag I have on the left side (right on the photo) from a sloppy cut, and just caudal (below) the frenulum there is a darkish dot-like blemish.  I think this may have been where they might have injected local anesthetic for when they performed the circumcision, 21 years ago.  A similar dark mark is visible on the (formerly) inner mucosa to the right of the frenulum caudal to the sulcus.  I have no idea as to what the cause might be for that one.


  1. I have one of these skin bridges too. It wasn't until I started poking around the internet that I found out I wasn't the only one. Stay strong, dude.

  2. I also have skin bridge on the underside of my penis. I have slid things through the hole, as you with the pencil.
    It does seem to be more comon than we think. Cheers

  3. Did you ever find out what those pink bumps were? because I have those on my underside as well.

    1. I'm fairly sure now that they are hirsuties coronae glandis, which are a normal variation in genital anatomy, and are perfectly harmless.

  4. Thank you this makes me feel a lot better since I was driving myself crazy thinking about it.

  5. I have a big one on the right of the head

  6. I have some skin tags around the circumcision scar, mainly two biggers on the middle and bellow of the frenulum... I tried to remove them such 3 times, but they grew back always in the same place...

  7. I am a mother of two boys my oldest is 8 and youngest just turned 6.my youngest son has a really bad skin bridge.my husband and I do not know what to do bc his doctor tells us he will grow into it.I do not want him to grow up and think something is wrong with him,or think we didn't try to fix it when he was younger.this really upsets my husband and I don't know what else to do.his skin bridge is really big and can't fit anything under it.what should we do?

    1. As I am not a doctor, I recommend that you immediately do the following things:

      Contact Georgian Attorney David Llewellyn, and either email him or call him in person. Your son and family may be entitled to legal damages due to the botched circumcision.

      From my dealings with Mr. Llewellyn, he is an understanding and sympathetic individual, and he has years of experiencing handling cases like your son's. There is no expense or cost in calling him. Find out what you can. Here is his website:
      (his contact box is on the right of the page)

      My second recommendation is that you get into contact with Marilyn Milos, RN. Marilyn is a nurse who will probably be able to specifically answer and address any medical concerns, and possibly emotional concerns you have for your son.

      If there is anything you want to know about my emotional take on all of this, and it is not addressed throughout the blog, please leave a message in the box on the right, leave contact information (all communications will remain private), and we may get in touch.