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11 November 2011: Sudden Surgery

Coming into the appointment, I am unsure of how much I can expect out of Dr. S.  Her curriculum vita indicates that she specializes in nephrology, but I hoped I could trust her to help me with my problem.

As instructed by the receptionist, I arrived at 7:30 AM to provide a urine specimen.  I am unsure why I was asked to do so, since the health institute I went to did not even open until 8:00 AM, and my problem is not nephrologic in nature.

I had the appointment, and showed the doctor my problem.  I know the cause of my problem--a readhesion of the synechia membrane between the glans and my preputial remnant, but Dr. S inaccurately stated the development leading to circumcisions that were botched like mine.  Her etiological shortcomings notwithstanding, she said that she had handled several cases like mine before so I decided to trust her experience as a penile surgeon, and elected for an operation at her offering.  I wanted to be able to sleep at night.  I was told the prognostic cosmology would be good.

The operation was done under local anesthetic, and I was lying on my back on that examination bed made into an impromptu operating table, shaking the entire time.  I felt nothing beyond the first few shots of local anesthetic, which were still a bit nerve wracking.  I was a bit shaken when Dr. S told me to take a look down if I liked when things were said and done.  Worst.  Mistake.  Ever.  It looked like she had excavated the skin bridge from the corona, leaving a large, bloody hole (hereby to be referred to as the "fleshy crater").

I had an unusual but painless sensation when the dissolving sutures were put in place.

The nurse, N, told me to avoid hot dates for a while, in humor.  If only he really knew how true his words had been my entire life for shame of my body and for fear of erection pain.

A topical antibiotic to be vigorously applied twice daily for two weeks as well as acetaminophen were recommended, and I was instructed in how to dress the wounds.

The cosmetics of this operation look relatively good, at least prognostically in comparison to where I was before.  I was told that now that it is stitched and lightly cauterized, the fleshy crater looked as if it would heal nicely without much of a cosmetic blemish beyond the predicted discoloration.  The proximal incision, more towards my body, appears as though it will be well hidden along my circumcision scar.  There are four stitches total—three along the circumcision scar where the proximal end was cut away, and one on the corona where the bridge was excised and the fleshy crater sealed.  There is hardly any pain except for when walking causes the bandages to pull on the stitches.

Below are photos from one day later.  Had some light blood-spotting through the bandages, my boxers, and my jeans.

Bandage removed.  The shine is due to bacitracin ointment being spread all over my penis below the bandages.

Visible above are the four stitches--three along the already present scar, and one sealing the fleshy crater.

Ditto, a close up.

Had a bleeding erection through the night, but bleeding was very light and painless.  I'll plan on not taking acetaminophen at night so that the pain from erections will hopefully keep me from getting them.

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