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20 November 2011: Another Lost Stitch

The middle of the three stitches on the shaft came out, coming undone instead of dissolving.

The flesh of the shaft scar appears to be healing well.  Perhaps such is merely the after-effect of the dermal adhesive I applied earlier in precaution.

I am taking no chances, and applying more dermal adhesive to the area anyway.

Words cannot quantify how much the dermal adhesive burns in that area, but I am taking no chances on another crater developing.

The flesh in the pit of the fleshy crater looks like raw subdermal tissues exposed.  The crater is prone to drying without application of bacitracin or white petroleum jelly, and the edges of the wound are raised, dry, pink, and tender.  It has filled in a little bit, but not too much.

The above photo shows a sample of how much bacitracin I put on the fleshy crater.

I'm doing OK for now.


  1. Hey brother! It's Manny from Foreskin-Restoration.net and Intactivist Network. You have responded to my posts which I really appreciate. Thanx!

    I must say you are really brave to share your personal story and you deserve great merit and recognition for this you have been doing. I think it wasn't easy for you to make this kind of decision and expose your feelings and story.

    I think many people out there (pro-circ persons, doctors, parents, politicians, intact men too, etc.) should read your story and experience to make them conscious of the adverse effects of circumcision and give it a very deeply second thought before considering advocating circumcision, before betraying the "Hippocratic Oath" of No Harm In The First Place, before believing that just because they're parents they have the right to modify their children in any way they want, before they approve laws that unprotects infants from unnecessary pain and grief and before they consider mutilate a healthy body part just for pure "cosmetic reasons" and foolish thoughts of "hygiene improvment" and "prevention" of many false arguments.

    You're story makes me even more conscious about the whole circumcision issue and makes me see that although I feel I was fooled by the doctors that finally got me circumcised too by not giving me any treatment when they should've and could've, feeling today like they gave me the big middle finger right in my face, I didn't have the same level of "physical damage" let us say, like the skin bridge you had. But still, skin bridge present or not, circumcision is still very harmful in many levels. That's why we're here.

    And I can only say to you that I empathise all the way down morally with you because in some way I identify myself with your story. I wish I could give you more support in some way, but I can only offer you my sincere friendship, but be sure that I send you the best of the vibes. Be strong, mentally, spiritually and from the heart. This is the only way we can overcome anything. And as you said to me in a respond in the website: Know that you are not alone.

    ¡Gracias Hermano!

  2. Your healing process looks great! It's just a matter of time that you will heal perfectly. Saludos. ¡Ánimo!

  3. Hearing your story and seeing these pictures makes my heart hurt. I'm so sorry that you were made to go through this horrible thing. I hope you are doing well (mentally and physically) in your recovery.

    Know that we stand with you and are here if you need support.

  4. You are worrying too much about this. You don't need to stick anything together with dermal adhesive, your body will fix up the wounds on its own. I had a circumcision as an adult (a million times better than being uncircumcised by the way), and half of the stitches came out on the underside leaving a big hole, but in the end it actually healed better there than on the top half where you can still see the marks from the stitches.

  5. Anonymous,

    I appreciate your input and reassurance, but I don't really feel like your comment about circumcision being a million times better than being intact from your experience is really appropriate, at least here... Your saying this to me is very moot point.

    For me, being botched is the worst possible thing. It means that somebody took a knife to my genitals as a baby, and screwed things up royally for me. Your saying such a thing here is an empty echo of the bland reassurances inappropriately fed to me by other people to somehow try to legitimize my suffering.

    I certainly wish I was never circumcised. I would much rather prefer to be anatomically intact than to have to go through this surgical pain, and be twice permanently scarred for it.

    If I wanted to modify my body, believe me, the last place I would ever want to do so is on my penis. I find it odd that anyone would willingly undergo cutting and removal of sensually receptive tissues of the genitals without legitimate medical reason.

    All subjectivity aside, the fact remains that all major national health associations are either against routine infant circumcision or do not even recommend the procedure, and there have not yet been medical studies published regarding the prevalence of iatrogenic circumcision damage as present in adult males.